dANDelion: Literature & Arts on the Edge welcomes you to our celebration of Canadian poetic and literary experimentation. The first issue of dANDelion appeared in 1975, and we currently put out three issues each year. Our most recent issue, Mapping, contains work from over fifty contributors and features an incredibly diverse collection of texts, and has been internationally recognized for working to explore the theme of geographies.

Alongside prose, poetry, and visual art, we feature insight into the creative process, reviews of poetry readings and publications, announcements of upcoming events, and calls for submissions to dANDelion magazine. We are committed to supporting both emerging and established writers and artists of local, national, and international stature. Each month, we headline writers and artists who will showcase their creative innovations and discuss their methods. We’ll discuss the hard, dedicated, possibly medicated and contemplative labour that goes into their work.

We hope you will enjoy our showcase of Canadian authors and literary achievement.

If you are interested in contributing to the dANDelion blog, contact Heather Osborne (Assistant Editor) at dandelion.magazine@gmail.com, with the subject line “Blog Article Proposal.”