32.1: General Issue

Publish Date: 2006
Managing Editor: Natalie Walschots
Assistant Editor: Jordan Nail
Contributing Editors: Jonathan Ball, Sue Clavelle, Tricia Grattan, Keven McPherson Eckhoff, Owen Percy, Robyn Read, Jason Salter, Kathryn Sloan, Rebecca Szulhan, Brooke Taylor, Caleb Zimmerman
Layout: Alden Alfon

The pages of dANDelion are replete with innovative and culturally informative poetry, prose and visual artwork. Each issue documents a distinctive and contemporary taste, reflecting a strong engagement with new writing and different extended literary communities. Some of the authors and artists who have graced our pages include: George Bowering, Nicole Brossard, George Elliott Clarke, Lorna Crozier, Robert Kroetsch, Patrick Lane, Daphne Marlatt, Erin Mouré, Lisa Robertson, Fred Wah, and Roy Miki.

The dANDy crew is not only busy producing this sleek, sexy magazine you hold in your hands; we are also involved with various incidents and shenanigans in and around the city of Calgary–and sometimes across the country. In 2005 we entered several successful partnerships and held collaborative events with such organizations as The New Gallery, The New Music Festival, Calgary International Spoken Word Festival, The English Literature Students’ Society, and Calgary Blow Out! We helped local writer Jordan Scott launch his book, Silt (NewStar Books) and hijacked filling Station‘s monthly reading series (not to worry, we left the audience bound and gagged but uninjured). We also participated in various poetry readings and launches, featuring Christian Bök, Sheri-D Wilson, Larissa Lai, Jason Christie, Stephen Cain and David Bateman, to name but a few.

Of course, we also launched two issues. Issue 31.1, our Science Fiction issue, was a HUGE success–so successful, in fact, that we’ve sold out and have to reprint it! Issue 31.2, featuring the work of derek beaulieu, Paul Hegedus, Mark Laliberte, rob mclennan, and jUStin!katKO was launched December of 2005 and copies are flying off the warehouse shelves–subscribe or risk being left dANDyless! The quality of submissions for this last issue was first rate and the difficulty of choosing contributors produced much consternation. Both 2005 issues were up for awards with Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (Science Fiction eventually took home the Gold) and Western Magazine Awards for their amazing cover art–we are very proud.

Looking forward to 2006, we have some grand designs in the works. We aim to promote the local launches of three books: fractal economies by derek beaulieu (talonbooks), Canada Post by Jason Christie (Snare Books) and Miss Lamp by Chris Ewart (Coach House Books). And, again, the ever-susceptible filling Station‘s Flywheel Reading Series will be hijacked at least one more time. Combine this with a super-secret summer project, a reading with rob mclennan and Andy Weaver, and other nefarious goings-on, and you have a dANDelion ready to rock the town literary style. Look for the increased presence of dANDelion in both the Calgary and Canadian literary community–we’re coming with a vengeance.

As your interest in dANDelion inevitably grows, check out our svelte website: dandlionmag.ca, a hub for everything literary. Thank you for your continued support of dANDelion. We look forward to a thriving relationship with you all in the years to come.

– Natalie Walschots & Jordan Nail


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