36.1 and 2: Beacon Feature

Publish Date: December 2010
Managing Editor: Kathleen Brown
Assistant Editor: Sandy Pool
Contributing Editors: Emily Carr

Inspired by Canadian poet & translator Erin Moure, this issue contains a Beacon Feature. By soliciting pairs of Canadian writers, artists, & thinkers to participate in our Beacons experiment, we hope to intervene in the making of “we” & to foreground the unstable & temporary nature of the formation of collective subjectivities. The question driving this experiment is whether, by thinking together, contemporary artists might interrupt standard reading practices & encourage readers to grapple with our obsession with notions of originality & authorship. This interruption opens a space for thinking through the social production of ideas into texts & models an ethical attentiveness to the political dimensions of the writer-text, text-reader, & reader-writer relationships. Our intent is to present the texts that comprise the Beacon Feature as a conversation & a community of collaboration. Our texts are never “our own” but always socially mediated, stolen, borrowed, cited, reworked, inspired…always already in dialogue. How do we ensure we’re not simply talking to ourselves?

– Emily Carr, August 2010


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