In 2011, unsolicited submissions to dandelion are no longer accepted. Only submissions that respond to calls will be read. There is no current call for submissions.

Our previous call for submission was:

dandelion is BUILDING | performance/MACHINE

Editor: Kathleen Brown
Assistant Editor: Sandy Pool

performance/MACHINE is inspired by contemporary avant garde poetic practices, pataphysics, physics physics, devised theatre, and the work of artists who are engaged in collaborative performance practices with computers and machines. Dandelion seeks submissions of work from artists who are experimenting with our relationship to technology and computers in ACTIVE ways – through kinetic, digital, interdisciplinary, interactive, poetic practices.

The MACHINE invites you to consider how writing, and the genres of writing are translated and re-mediated by the internet and new technologies in the post-print movement. Artists are producing a wealth of online texts, and bodies of work where writing is performed without paper or print. How can science and writing collaborate to redefine genre? What writings are our machines producing and how can we read, and collaborate with them? What does multimedia look like when you combine the materiality of text with the materials of hardware and code? What new codes are we writing to perform collaborations with our machines?

Curious about the genus of work we’re seeking? ‘Read’ a small sampling of our artistic sources of inspiration here:

Antonin Artaud
Alva Noto
Aya Natalia Karpinska
Blast Theory
Kurtis Lesick
J.R. Carpenter
Mark Z. Danielewski
Brion Gysin
Thierry Gauthier

Dandelion encourages your hybrid experiments and welcomes visual and video work as well as text-based submissions. This issue will feature a web-based section for digital/interactive media presentations.

Submissions should be 3000 words maximum for fiction/poetry, 10 minutes maximum for video and/or sound work, up to 6 images for visual art, visual poetry, diagrams, charts, etc. Feel free to contact us with inquiries about your submissions.

Upload your submission via our new submission manager with the subject line – performance/MACHINE submission.

Deadline: March 25, 2011

Some other things to know before submitting to dandelion:

  • Submit only ONCE per issue; your second submission will be rejected unread.
  • Submissions are online only. Click here to submit.
  • If your page layout is unusual, include an additional PDF so we can see how the text is meant to appear.
  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please withdraw work accepted elsewhere.
  • Submit only 1 short story or interview, or up to 6 pages of poetry or visual art.
  • Please read the magazine in advance of your submission, and do not submit work that is inappropriate for dandelion.
  • dandelion pays an honorarium of $30 to each accepted contributor, plus a one year subscription to the magazine.

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